placenta encapsulation

why encapsulate your placenta?

I encapsulated my placenta with both babies and I honestly felt better in the first few weeks post birth when I was taking my capsules than when I do normally. That ‘village’ we all talk about doesn’t exist anymore, we have to create it for ourselves when we’ve given birth and of all the things I did postpartum this was by far the best thing.

Mums (including myself and my clients) have have reported the following benefits in doing so: 

a decrease in postpartum depression, increased energy levels, balancing hormones, restoration of iron levels, increase in milk production, reduction in postpartum bleeding, reduction in postpartum hair loss, helping the uterus return to its normal size and aiding in returning to pre pregnancy weight.

what are the options?

The most popular way to consume the placenta is in placenta pills (capsules). Each placenta will yield anywhere between 90 and 250 capsules dependent on the placenta and the method of encapsulation.

There are 2 types of Placenta Pills – 1. Simple and 2. Steamed. 

Both types offer all the benefits of consuming your placenta but simple is said to be more of an energy booster and steamed is said to be more hormone balancing and mood improving.

other placenta remedies

Some mums like to get just placenta pills, others like to add on other services. 

We offer three other Placenta Remedies:

 1. A Placenta Tincture – a liquid version of your pills but that lasts indefinitely and can be used during the menopause to aid symptoms and also treat PMS. It is extremely potent and my most popular ‘add on’.

2. A Placenta Essence – a less potent version of the tincture but can be used to help when you are ill or need hormonal balance. This can also be given to baby to help with colic and teething.

3. A Placenta Carrier Oil – A placenta infused oil to use on your skin and on baby. This oil works wonders as it can treat eczema, nappy rash, cradle cap and any other dry skin on baby BUT, it can also reduce wrinkles and improve skin appearance and elasticity in mum. 


Interesting Fact: The Beauty Industry pay upwards of £1,000 for Bovine (and other) placentas to add into skincare as they know how potent it is. You can just use your own instead!

placenta PILLS


The placenta is dehydrated in its raw form and ground into a powder and encapsulated. Reported to be the most energising and yields a higher amount of pills than any other method.


placenta PILLS


The placenta is steamed with ginger, lemon and chilli before being dehydrated, ground into a powder and encapsulated. Reported to offer a hormone balancing effect.



placenta PILLS


Half of the placenta is prepared using the steamed method and the other half is prepared using the simple method. This enables you to manage how you use your capsules based on your mood and energy levels.




An essence is used to support the emotional and mental wellbeing in times of stress, illness or imbalance. It is a less potent version of your tincture but can be given to baby as well when suffering with colic or teething.



carrier oil

To be added to our range of organic cosmetics. A skin firmer, lifter and hydrator. It helps minimises wrinkles, improve skin tone and treat acne-prone skin.(Contact me for carrier oil that you can add to your own cosmetics).




A tincture is essentially an extract. It is a liquid version of your pills. It is made by steeping a small piece of placenta in alcohol for a 6 weeks. The alcohol then takes on the nutritional and medicinal properties of the placenta.


All pricing includes provision of a chiller pack for the placenta to be stored in once delivered and the collection and delivery of your placenta remedies. 

I provide your chiller pack at 37 weeks and I am on call from then, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until baby is born – I have been known to collect at 2.30am! I will come and collect your placenta as soon as it is delivered no matter the day or time. 

I travel within a 30 mile radius of YO42. If you are outside of this radius but would still like to book, please contact me to discuss as I have a mileage charge. 

I cover the following Hospitals for collection: 

York Hospital, Hull Royal Hospital, Scarborough Hospital, Harrogate District Hospital, Leeds General Infirmary, St James’s University Hospital and for homebirths anywhere within my radius.

Please use the booking form below to book in leaving me your details and your estimated due date. I will then contact you will all the relevant paperwork to fill out and we can discuss any queries you might have. 

 A £50 deposit secures your due date. The remaining balance can be paid in full or by instalments. The balance just needs paying in full 3 weeks before your estimated due date.


I am fully qualified with IPEN and insured with BGi.



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