birth of rory

Written in mums words

I went into labour. 3 weeks and 2 days before my ‘due date’. Needless to say this was a shock, in the past 2 weeks we had moved house and had Christmas and new year within those two weeks and felt like I hadn’t had chance to practice my techniques.
Without realising, I had laboured throughout the afternoon/evening thinking I was just ‘uncomfortable’ but by bed time I went to bed wondering if this was the beginning of the end.
At 2am I felt a sharp pain, got up and on the loo and realised it was the ‘real’ start. I felt uneasy so lay on the floor where my waters broke. We rang the hospital and made our way there. At 3:30am I arrived at triage at 2cm dilated.

I was then 36+6 days pregnant and because I wasn’t their magic 37 weeks, I was monitored for two hours. It was everything I didn’t want, uncomfortable, strapped down and on my back! I closed my eyes and breathed and visualised through it all.
After two hours the consultant came to see me where he explained before 37 weeks it is advised they send me to the labour ward. I had wanted the baby on the Birth Centre and understood the ‘risks’ but was happy to sign a form and go on the Birth Centre. At my hospital they’re two wards next to one another anyway, but I didn’t want to continue with the monitoring, mainly due to my discomfort so he wasn’t going to convince me!
At this point they were ready to move me to the antenatal ward from where they would move me to the Birth Centre when I was ready. I had to convince them to check me again, it had only been two hours but my surges were increasing. After a couple of asks they did so, and they found I was 9cm!
They took me straight to the Birth Centre and explained I didn’t have time for the water birth I would have preferred. At 6:30am we were settled in our room in the Birth Centre where I could move and relax more. I had a little gas and air but things were slowing down slightly. I decided to opt for the birthing stool where my midwife and I talked about my Hypnobirthing. She explained to me when the surges came now I needed to change from breathing everything away to breathing into the birth. I was so in my ‘hypno’ mode I’d forgotten about the baby bit!
Rory was born at 9:56am, not to my exact ‘plan’ and earlier than I’d ever imagined, but he was born without fear and with trust and strength in my body. I’d do it all over again tomorrow.

laura wood – 1st time mum