birth of ellena-jessica

written in mums words

I did my first session and knew I had made the right choice. By the end of the course I felt so in control and empowered. My partner was fully on board by the end too which made it even better. We found it so informative and to picture what my body was doing throughout each stage was so good for me. 

The morning I went into labour I felt a bit uncomfortable and couldn’t sleep so I kept myself busy. My partner got up at 7am and by then I was having regular surges and bouncing on my ball. I even managed a few telephone conversations with family members. I contacted my midwife at 11am and she came out to me at 1.30pm (she didn’t rush as she didn’t expect much to be happening as I was too calm) and read my birth plan on arriving. I agreed to a vaginal examination (VE) and was shocked to know I was already 4cm and in established labour. She said she was going to ring for other midwife.

I was concentrating on my upwards breathing and surges were coming fast and strong. I remember her telling the other midwife to come straight to us (she was an hour away) and not to stop for McDonald’s! I don’t remember the other midwife coming or even being aware that they were there as they stuck to my plan and left me to it, until I became quite uncomfortable and requested gas and air and also agreed to another VE as at this point I just didn’t feel right.

My waters were bulging but I was 10cm and this is what I was feeling. My midwife offered to break them for me but I declined and they went with a loud pop about 10 mins later. Again, the midwifes respected my wishes and left me alone and only intervened as baby entered the world. I had my beautiful daughter at 7.08pm weighing 7lb 13.5oz on all fours lent over the back of my sofa in the calmest environment I could of wished for with my partner by my side the whole way through. Skin to skin straight after, I refused the injection to assist with placenta delivery. Delayed cord clamping until the placenta was delivered which took around an hour. I was offered the injection twice in this time but declined and the midwifes respected this. I had a small internal 2nd degree tear that the midwife was able to stitch. Midwifes cleaned up and had left by 11pm. It was amazing to get in to my own shower and in to my own bed. 

Throughout my labour I was calm, concentrating on my breathing and trusting in my body. Without Rebecca I honestly feel I would of panicked and my labour and birth story would of been a very different

Emma newman – 1st time mum