birth of edward

written in mums words

edward was my second baby. i had an induction with my first and was determined to get the spontaneous water birth i had dreamt of first time round. i booked onto a hypnobirthing refresher course and all was going well.

then i went for an antenatal appointment at 24 weeks and my midwife told me my bump was measuring big and she wanted to send me for a scan. i went for a scan and baby was measuring ‘big’. 90th centile to be precise. i was told if baby tracked like this that if i went to term he would be 11lb and i wouldn’t be ‘allowed’ to do this and i would be booked in for an induction.

i was also asked to take part in a ‘big baby’ trial they were doing at my hospital and sent to have a discussion with the woman who ran it. she told me i would be allocated to the ‘induction’ group and would be sent a date for an induction closer to the time.

i went home in a complete panic and phoned my husband at work. i was upset that i would be induced for a second time, not because it was bad, just because i felt i was being denied the chance of ever being able to experience going into spontaneous labour as i thought this could be our last baby.

a few weeks went by and fast forward to a consultant appointment at 34 weeks (i was having increased monitoring and scans because of baby’s ‘big’ size), i was told an induction was being booked for 38 weeks. all of a sudden all of my hypnobirthing came to me and i realised that it was my firm belief that i wouldnt grow a baby too big to birth as neither of us had any underlying health conditions that would make that the case.


i told the consultant i didnt want an induction but agreed to go back at 39 weeks to talk again and have yet another scan.


3 days before i was due to go back in (10 days before my due date), i went into spontaneous labour. i woke at 2.30 am with some period type pains. my husband went to get me a couple of hot water bottles and we both went back to bed to try and get some sleep.


i woke intermittently but had a good sleep until 5.30am when i sat bolt upright in bed and felt i needed to go to the loo. i stayed in there for 45 mins labouring and was most comfortable there.


around an hour later i went to wake my husband as my contractions had picked up and i was sitting on our bedroom floor in a small space between our bed and the wall rocking back and forth.


at 7am my mother in law arrived to look after our daughter whilst we went to the hospital. we arrived at the hospital half an hour later. as expected, my labour had slowed somewhat on the car journey. 


the midwife looked at my notes and said if i wanted i could stay on the birth suite rather than go straight to the obstetric unit like my consultant had said. i jumped at the chance and remember yelling ‘yes!’ over my husbands shoulder.


they gave me a vaginal examination and i was 7cm. i genuinely believe that had i not left our house that morning i would have had my son on our bedroom floor not long after as before we left as i tried to get my trousers on i had three contractions.


the midwife prepared the birth pool and i can honestly say it was heaven. 


a couple of hours later my waters went with a loud pop and i immediately had an urge to bear down. the midwives said it was time to start pushing baby down now.


my son was born at 9.59am in the birth pool with just my husband and midwife present and i picked him up out of the water myself.


he weighed 8lb 6oz – which whilst for my little frame is a ‘big’ baby, he was not ‘big’ like they had told me and he certainly was not too ‘big’ to be born naturally in a birth pool without any need for medical intervention.


i really believe nature took over in so many instances in my labour – naturally going into labour before i needed to go back to the hospital, labouring in those small dark places and my body telling me when it was time to push my baby down.


hypnobirthing prepared me and helped me stay positive and stand my ground when i was told i was having a ‘big’ baby and i couldnt be more thankful that i did because it enabled me to experience the spontaneous labour and water birth i had so desperately wanted.


becci  – second time mum